Vittoria Volovik
Designed by John Valasis
Vittoria Volovik is a self-taught painter, born in Ukraine in the mid-80s and based in Athens, Greece since 2005. Vittoria has found in painting the path through which her sentimentality can be channeled in such a way that other mediums and everyday life are unable to materialize. Through the use of different styles and techniques, she manages to express a large particle of her inner world and to externalize her perception of life. Thus, her inclination towards painting portraits and nature, faces, landscapes or animals, reveals her sources of inspiration and areas of interest which are primarily human beings and their feelings, as the latter are reflected on their facial characteristics. Several of her paintings are to be found among private collections around the world since Vittoria often creates personalized artwork for a large number of international clients. Her artistic outlook is dynamic and open to innovative combinations of different forms of art, which in turn leads her into demonstrating her art via different forms: from exhibiting in art galleries to participating in inter-disciplinary events of creative expression where both music performance and art exhibition coexist. Vittoria, along with painting, shows a deep love for architecture and interior design, which has been her main field of study, as well as for photography and little, hand-crafted objects.